Posted on: 20th Mar 2019

Shoreline customer service team often field calls from those seeking clarity on Shoreline Ambient cabinets and whether there is a difference between Ambient, RTS (Room Temperature Storage), or even CRT (Controlled Room Temperature). The simple answer is no. The industry has yet to define a preferred term and with over 40 years within medical refrigeration, Shoreline prefers ‘Ambient’, but essentially Ambient, RTS/CRT are the same product.

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Ambient cabinets are used increasingly within pharmacies, hospitals, nursing/care homes, GP surgeries, or anywhere where drug manufacturers require drugs to be stored at ‘room temperature’. Manufacturers usually guarantee product stability and shelf life if their instructions are followed. Failure to do so, may compromise patient safety.

Room temperature means storage of medical products below +25°C. With the need to adhere strictly to drug manufacturer’s storage guidance and fluctuating room temperatures, a controlled temperature cabinet is sometimes the only and correct choice.

An ambient cabinet ensures healthcare providers comply with the manufacturer recommendations and eliminates fluctuations in room temperature due to heatwaves or faulty air-conditioning. An ambient cabinet is a precise response to a precise requirement controlling internal storage air temperatures between +15°C to +25°C.

Shoreline’s Ambient cabinet range enable customers to comply with these specific temperature requirements. An integral digital temperature controller ensures accurate monitoring of the safe and stable storage environment. A Shoreline ambient cabinet provides temperature control monitoring so healthcare providers can monitor storage temperature in line with manufacturers’ recommendations. Suitable for care homes, pharmacies and hospitals.

Shoreline’s Ambient range includes a manufacturer’s calibration certificate for 1 year and a further 4 year’s on-site free calibration. The range is also covered by Shoreline’s 5 year parts and labour warranty. Quality components mean Shoreline has an excellent reputation for reliability.

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