Another Heat Wave?

Posted on: 1st Jun 2016


Your fridge may need some TLC this summer…

As we grab our sun hat and sunglasses at the end of a shift and look forward to basking in the sunshine, spare a thought for your faithful pharmacy fridge. Especially those locked in a room for the weekend!

Your pharmacy fridge needs to ‘breathe’ to work efficiently. As the surrounding temperature rises, the fridge motor will need to run longer to keep vaccines safe and below +8c. Running longer means the fridge will get hotter, compounding the raised temperature issue.

Airflow around the pharmacy fridge is very important to ensure correct temperature performance is maintained. An unventilated room will only circulate warm air and a pharmacy fridge may struggle to maintain its optimum performance temperature of +5⁰C as the surrounding air temperature increases. Room temperatures could reach up to +40⁰C in hot weather over a long hot weekend.

If doors and windows need to be locked over weekends then consider buying, or hiring a portable air-conditioner or some inexpensive desk fans positioned over the rear of the fridge. Monitor room temperature regularly by using a simple MAX/MIN thermometer during closed periods. Perhaps consider moving your fridge to another cooler room if you know its current location could be problematic in hot weather.

Your pharmacy fridge is designed to maintain an internal air temperature of +5⁰C (+/-3⁰C) and a free flow of air around it at all times is an important factor in ensuring this temperature is achieved – your fridge may fail if airflow is inadequate.

Avoid positioning near sunny windows and small closed rooms at all costs.

 To summer-rise!:

  • Keep your fridge away from bright sunny windows.
  • Allow plenty of air around the fridge – move it forward away from the wall if necessary.
  • Do not keep your fridge in closed windowless rooms unless air-conditioned.
  • Keep your fridge door openings to a minimum.
  • Monitor room temperatures – particularly over weekends.

Try to keep your fridge cool at all times.  If in doubt contact the manufacturer.


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