Posted on: 12th Aug 2019

Guide to buying a medical vaccine fridge for your GP surgery

With over 20 years experience manufacturing vaccine fridges for GP surgeries, Shoreline customer service team has put together a Buyer’s Guide to help you purchase the right vaccine fridge for your GP Surgery

View Shoreline best selling vaccine fridges SM1502, SM264 and SM364.


To help you choose the right vaccine fridge for you, first answer the following questions:

Why do you need a new vaccine fridge?

Simple enough question. Here are some more questions to help you answer this.

What size vaccine fridge do you require?

Your GP surgery requirement and the space available for your vaccine fridge will determine size. See ‘fridge location’ below. You can view Shoreline vaccine fridge range here and our best sellers are: SM1502, SM264 and SM364.

Is your new vaccine fridge a replacement or to expand capacity, permanently or temporarily?

See below tips on location. Also see Shoreline portable refrigeration below.

If your requirement is temporary, maybe consider a portable medical refrigerator?

How much content is to be stored in your vaccine fridge?

Don’t plan to overfill your vaccine fridge. Space is required for cool air to circulate within. A general rule of thumb is don’t fill your fridge more than 3/4 full to allow for air circulation. If unsure please speak with Shoreline customer services, number below.

What is important to you?

All Shoreline fridges have a reputation for reliability with many of our fridges reaching the grand age of 10 years and beyond! Reliability is key critical in the 24/7 business of healthcare. See what’s included when you purchase a Shoreline vaccine fridge:

  • 24/7 technical service response if required
  • 5 year parts & labour warranty (except Portables)
  • Manufacturer’s calibration and 4 years additional FREE onsite calibration
  • Rapid engineer response, if required?
  • Reliable delivery options
  • User friendly vaccine fridge operation

Someone to speak with should you require assistance with your vaccine fridge?

Where is your vaccine fridge to be located?

A major consideration in your choice of vaccine fridge will be size. This is often determined by location. What is the existing or proposed vaccine fridge size? Is the fridge to be under counter or not?

Aim to locate your fridge in a cool environment? Away from radiators and bright sunlight. Will there be ventilation in the room overnight or at weekends? If possible, allow some space behind your vaccine fridge to maximise fan circulation potential.


A glass or solid door? A left or right opening door? Shelving? Under counter or tall? You can view Shoreline vaccine fridges here. Our best sellers are SM1502, SM264 and SM364.

What is to be stored in your vaccine fridge and for how long?

Health England and Shoreline recommends that you do not store more than 70% of the stated storage capacity to ensure cool air is circulated around your vaccine fridge to keep your fridge within +2°C to +8°C. Do not exceed this guidance limit for best performance.

Do you require secondary data logging for your new vaccine fridge?

View our secondary data logging recording options here.

What is your budget? Shoreline has been working with the NHS for over 2 decades and is competitively priced You can get a quote here.

Consider the small print? What is included in your vaccine fridge purchase?

Shoreline probably offers you the best value vaccine fridge available in terms of:

  • Delivery included, with a few exceptions
  • 5 year parts & labour warranty (except Portables)
  • Manufacturer’s calibration and 4 years additional FREE onsite calibration (on product registration).


For further details and advice, please contact Shoreline (UK) Ltd “Customer Services Team”

Shoreline Medical Refrigeration, Littlehampton, West Sussex

Tel: 01903 733877

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