Shoreline’s Customer Service – Engineer Response

Posted on: 2nd Mar 2017

Most enquiries to our customer service team relate to simple digital temperature readout issues and can be quickly resolved over the telephone and customers’ minds put at ease with some  guidance.  Whatever your concern, with over 20 years’ experience, Shoreline will ensure your query will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Even with the best of intentions sometimes machines don’t work as expected, be it the photocopier or computer at work, or the washing machine at home. Often simple problems can be overcome by comparing what you’ve just done with what you should have done. Even though you’ve ‘switched the machine off and on’ it still doesn’t work properly. Now is the point when you try to remember where the ‘safe place’ is that you or your colleague put the instructions!

Our team at Shoreline don’t expect you to have the instruction booklet readily to hand, so when things don’t look right with the temperature readout of your vaccine refrigerator, you can check with us whether you are doing things right. You can download your Shoreline refrigerator Quick Reference Guide from our website  – these cover all our different models going back over 10 years. If you prefer a full instruction booklet however, let us know and we’d be happy to email you a copy.

Things still not right? Maybe now is the time to give us a telephone call quoting the MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER of your fridge – you will find these on a label inside the refrigerator. More often than not, by answering a few simple questions we can offer advice to overcome your problem, even if your refrigerator is out of warranty.

Following our telephone discussion, we will be 95% sure what is wrong with your fridge. Sometimes, a technical issue may require a replacement part(s) and for an engineer to visit. If this is the case and with your agreement, we will despatch the required part(s), usually by the next morning. One of our appointed engineers will  then call you to book a visit to fit the part at a time to suit you, after the part is received.

If you have a medical fridge concern, talk to our customer service team on 01903 733877 or email  Out of hours technical support is available via email please quote your model and serial number, your contact details and a brief description of your issue.

We are here to support you.