CRT Ambient Storage Refrigeration

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), maintaining a temperature range of 15-25°C is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of medicines designed to be stored at room temperature. While most rooms in the UK fall within this range, variables such as windows, room layout, and central heating can subtly alter temperatures, potentially leading to medical wastage.

Ensuring proper temperature management is crucial to maintaining the quality of medicines and avoiding the costly disposal of goods. CRT medicine storage cabinets from Shoreline Medical come equipped with features that guarantee temperature stability, providing assurance that your medicines are stored under optimal conditions.

– Alarms for minimum and maximum temperatures, power failure, and open door alerts
– Digital display for accurate temperature monitoring
– Secure door locks for content protection
– A comprehensive 5-year warranty

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ShoreLog ‘Shuttle’ USB Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display

ShoreLog ‘Shuttle’ USB Temperature Data Logger with LCD Display°

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ShoreLog ‘Shuttle-PRO’ USB Temperature Data Logger in Glycol

ShoreLog ‘Shuttle-PRO’ USB Temperature Data Logger in Glycol°

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SMP65 Portable Medical Refrigerator

SMP65 Portable Medical Refrigerator°

H: 450mm W: 725mm D: 510mm Volume: 65Lt
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