30th October 2020

We design Shoreline fridges to last for at least 8 years and pledge to provide technical support for at least the same period. Many of our customers’ fridges are now over 10 years old and work perfectly well!  To get the most from your medical fridge click here.

When you decide to recycle your medical fridge, Shoreline has a full ‘End of Life’ policy in place working with licensed partners to protect the environment from hazardous material and ensure reusable material from your fridge is safely recycled.  Read our policy and Guidance for returning Shoreline medical fridges

Approximately 90% of your Shoreline fridge materials will be re-manufactured and reused around the world in a variety of products. The recycling industry is heavily regulated with all partners in the process having a duty of care to ensure each partner is fully licensed. This starts with Shoreline,  a registered carrier who delivers your  fridge to medical fridge recycling experts, Light Bros in Lewes, Sussex.

The Shoreline fridge arrives at the Light Bros recycling depot . The recycling process involves extracting materials with a value and preparing them  for economical transportation, usually shredding into corn-flake size pieces or grinding down.

The early stages of the recycling process are predominantly manual. The fridge plug is cut off and recycled with plastic and brass separated and shredded. The cable is cut off and ground down to produce reusable copper.  Next, the internal racking and plastics are removed for shredding and again, re-manufacture.

The remaining fridge carcass contains some hazardous materials. Within Light Bros refrigeration decommissioning plant, the fridge pipe work is pierced to safely extract compressor oil and refrigerant gas.  The refrigerant gas is returned to BOC, the compressor oil and compressor is passed on for reuse.

The empty fridge carcass then enters Light Bros’ £2million fridge shredder which reduces the material into corn-flake size pieces metal for re manufacture.

For any enquiries regarding Shoreline’s fridge end of life policy, please call 01903 733877 or email

Updated: 20/08/2018

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