For GP Clinics & Pharmacies – Leave The Domestic Fridge At Home

17th May 2020

Shoreline supply many pharmacy refrigerators to GP Surgeries and Community Pharmacies and are sometimes asked why a cheaper domestic fridge can’t be used instead.

For medical best practice, constant and accurate temperature controlled storage of expensive drugs, should be standard.  With a wide temperature range and no integral temperature monitoring, the domestic fridge could prove a false economy for your clinic or pharmacy.  A Shoreline pharmacy fridge provides accurate temperature monitoring and at the very least peace of mind.

The NHS Green Book 2013; Chapter 3 clearly states:

“Specialised refrigerators are available for the storage of pharmaceutical products and must be used for vaccines and diluents. Ordinary domestic refrigerators must not be used.”

The Green Book requires healthcare professionals to store products in accordance with the requirements specified by the drug manufacturers, failure to do so is cited as deficiency, this could have an impact on re-inspection intervals.

It is the responsibility of the clinic or pharmacy to demonstrate that the fridge they use is able to store vaccines at the correct temperature This can be achieved by monitoring the temperature using the correct equipment and logging the results for later inspection. Domestic refrigerators, however do not offer a consistent internal temperature throughout – the internal temperature offered by a domestic refrigerator ranges from 0°C to + 10°C, and there is little stability or temperature control offered.

Shoreline pharmacy fridges are manufactured to meet tight guidelines laid down for the storage of temperature sensitive drugs and offer storage at +2°C to +8°C at all times throughout the interior of the fridge. This is achieved using an internal air-circulating fan – not found on domestic fridges.  Shoreline pharmacy fridges are fitted with an audio / visual alarm to advise the user of any temperature deviation outside of the +2°C to + 8°C range. The digital temperature controller displays the current internal temperature of the fridge and remembers the MAX & MIN temperature extremes since its last reset. In addition, to protect your valuable drugs, a quality lock is fitted to the door as required by the NHS Green Book.

Shoreline pharmacy fridges come with 5 years’ parts & labour warranty and free annual calibration. A domestic refrigerator only offers a 1 year warranty and no calibration. Shoreline also has 24/7 technical support available out of hours to support GP and Pharmacy staff round the clock :

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