19th April 2020



As a UK manufacturer of medical refrigeration for over 20 years, we’ve noticed a few fridges turning up as ‘pre-owned’ items for sale.

The reliability and longevity of a Shoreline medical fridge is well known.  We use minimum 8 years as an average lifespan dependent on care and maintenance. However, many customers are pleased to report their Shoreline fridge reliably working at well over 10 years old.

As a manufacturer we can see potential flaws in buying a pre-owned medical fridge, here are our thoughts:

Medical Fridge History

You will never know how old the fridge really is, its use, how well it’s been cared for and what has been stored in it.


Medical fridges require annual servicing and calibration to keep in peak condition.  You will not know if this has been carried out and by whom.


New Shoreline fridges come with  a 5 year parts & labour warranty and 5 years’ on-site calibration.  If you do not have calibration arranged, this could cost around £60 per annum plus servicing costs.  Cost of repair can be expensive. See our Repair or Replace article for guidance.

Content Value/Insurance Claims

Should your pre-owned fridge malfunction causing expensive medicines to spoil, an insurance claim may be necessary.  It’s possible your claim may be compromised by your choice of aged fridge without provenance. If your fridge content value is high, surely they deserve to be stored in a reliable fridge.  Who would store a valuable classic car in a rickety old garage?

WEEE Regulations

In the event of your pre-owned medical fridge failing, you will probably be liable for the disposal and recycling costs of this old fridge under WEEE regulations.

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