NHS CLINICAL TRIALS – CRT / RTS / Ambient Cabinets

11th July 2020

NHS CLINICAL TRIALS CRT (Controlled Room Temperature +15c to +25c) CABINETS

(AKA – Ambient Cabinets, RTS: Room Temperature Storage, CRT: Controlled Room Temperature)


The Department of Health recognises the value of UK cutting edge medical research to the world and recently awarded £112 million funding to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to support clinical research, trials and facilities throughout the country.

Shoreline is pleased to provide CRT (controlled room temperature) cabinets and medical refrigeration to a number of these NHS research institutions/universities including Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and many others.

During clinical trials, research institutions are required to store medication, vaccines and investigatory medicinal products (IMPs) used in trials, at given temperatures. Most require storage at room (ambient) temperatures whereas others may require storage in a medical refrigerator to ensure stability.

Each organisation will have a Standard Operating Procedure detailing the correct procedure when monitoring and recording temperatures of products requiring ambient or cold storage. The procedure will specify the actions to be taken in the event of a temperature deviation outside of accepted parameters. It is imperative for the accuracy of the clinical trial that medicines are stored at the appropriate temperature to maintain their stability and integrity, whilst ensuring optimum patient outcomes and minimising potential for harm.

Shoreline ambient (+15c to +25c) cabinets can be found in a number of neonatal units where the room temperature can be above that required for various medicines.

View Shoreline’s Ambient Cabinet Range (CRT/RTS) here.

How Shoreline helps the NHS:

* Supplying ambient cabinets & medical refrigeration to the NHS for over 20 years. Pharmacy fridges, ward fridges, portable refrigerators, room temperature storage cabinets, secondary thermometers and data loggers.

* Supply is direct from our manufacturing facility in Littlehampton to your NHS door in as little as 2 days from order placement.

* We offer generous NHS volume-based discounts. Ask for a quote tailored to your needs.

* Shoreline has 24/7 Technical Support to answer queries, usually about temperature recording deviations and worry over valuable drugs and compromised clinical trial results. Our cabinets & fridges work 24/7, most of the NHS work 24/7 and we are available to support anyone with a fridge or ambient cabinet query.

* FREE 5 YEAR LABOUR & PARTS WARRANTY and ONSITE CALIBRATION Included with every new fridge a manufacturer’s calibration certificate. Worth up to £60! When price is key, this is important and necessary. Not all manufacturers include free calibration on delivery. Included within our price is 4 years subsequent on-site calibration, and for pharmacy fridges only, 5 years parts & labour warranty.

* EXTENDED 3 YEAR WARRANTY AVAILABLE Available to purchase (£195 + VAT) and follow on from your five year warranty so your Shoreline fridge is covered by warranty for up to 8 years. Further details here.

* CUSTOMER SERVICE – UNBEATABLE! 24/7 technical help. Reliability is key, however technical help is available to all NHS staff regarding their fridge/cabinet. Outside office hours we have 24/7 technical help, providing NHS staff with the help they need, when they need it. Find out what makes us different Rapid Engineer Response

* ADVICE & GUIDANCE Helping NHS staff make the right decisions for choosing and operating cabinets, medical fridges, secondary thermometers and data loggers. Not sure whether to repair or replace? Read our guide to make the right decision.

* Secondary thermometers and data loggers – Our R&D team review the market to provide the NHS with the most reliable and best value products.

* INTUITIVE PRODUCTS ShoreTouch™ Digital Controllers on all pharmacy fridges for easy control of temperature monitoring. This is SO important to our customers.

* RESPONSIBLE MEDICAL FRIDGE/AMBIENT CABINET RECYCLING Looking after the planet, see what becomes of your old Shoreline NHS cabinet/fridge. We have revised our WEEE policy, read about it here. Taking our recycling responsibility seriously, we offer the NHS a better deal.


How can we help you? Call us on 01903 733877 or email ask@shoreline-medical.co.uk

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