CRT / RTS / Ambient Temperature Storage for Medicines

29th March 2020

There is a variety of industry terminology for medicines not requiring refrigerator storage.  You may know this as Room Temperature Storage (RTS) or Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) or simply Ambient Temperature Storage.

With Shoreline’s innovative new RTS/CRT range, we take a look at why RTS/CRT is needed.

The pharmaceutical and medical healthcare industries are heavily legislated and regulated, with drugs and medicines required to be stored by healthcare providers as per the manufacturer’s instructions.   For medicines not required to be stored in a medical refrigerator (+2º C and +8ºC), a temperature guide of +15°C and +25°C, as opposed to previous less specific terms such as ‘room temperature’ is a more precise instruction for storage.  Manufacturers usually guarantee product stability and shelf life if instructions are followed.  Failure to do so, may compromise patient safety.

Care providers are monitored by the Care Quality Commission who require that manufacturers’ storage instructions are adhered to.  Use of an RTS/CRT cabinet ensures healthcare providers comply with the manufacturer recommendations and eliminates fluctuations in room temperatures due to heatwaves or faulty air-conditioning. RTS/CRT is a precise response to a precise requirement.

Shoreline’s RTS/CRT cabinet range enable customers to comply with  specific temperature requirements.  An integral digital temperature control panel ensures accurate monitoring of the safe and stable storage environment.  RTS/CRT cabinet provides temperature control monitoring so healthcare providers can monitor storage temperature in line with manufacturers’ recommendations.  Suitable for care homes, pharmacies and hospitals.

Shoreline’s RTS/CRT range includes a manufacturer’s calibration certificate for 1 year and a further 4 year’s on-site free calibration.  The range is also covered by Shoreline’s 5 year parts and labour warranty. Quality components means Shoreline has an excellent reputation for reliability.

For further details and advice, please contact Shoreline (UK) Ltd “Tech Support Team”

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