Repair or Replace? – Shoreline’s top tips to help you make your decision

Posted on: 8th Dec 2016

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This question is asked up and down GP surgeries, pharmacies, laboratories and at some point by anyone who is responsible for a medical fridge.  Based on over 20 years’ experience helping customers and non-customers, our expert team at Shoreline can guide you through the decision making process to help you make the right decision.  Shoreline believes the average life of a medical fridge is approximately 8 years, dependent upon the manufacturer, usage and  care.

We are happy to talk on the telephone, or email and offer some guidance notes below.

  • How old is your fridge? There may be an age restriction on your insurance policy. Check your insurance small print. Some insurance companies may void a claim for spoiled vaccinations if the small print states the fridge must be below a certain age, eg 10 years old. Email your Shoreline fridge serial number to and they can provide the proof you may need to support your claim.
  • Is your fridge in warranty? If the answer is yes, then a repair is almost certainly the next step. Shoreline fridges come with parts and labour warranty and annual calibration for 5 years.  If your fridge is in warranty, then a repair is almost certainly the next step.  Additional warranties can be purchased from Shoreline and these start at £169 + vat for an additional 2 years on a 3 year old product. Shoreline’s 24/7 technical support service is available to all customers regardless of how old the fridge is.
  • What is the value of your fridge? One way to look at the repair or replace question is to work out the current value of your fridge by dividing its original cost by how long you expect it to last. This will tell you how much value it loses a year –  you can then work out how much it may be worth now.  If a repair costs more than your appliance is currently worth, it may be better to replace it.
  • Capital Allowance/environmental considerations? There could be  tax savings available so seek  advice from your accountant.  If it is advantageous to  replace refrigeration for tax purposes, then would the practice be comfortable  parting with a medical fridge which is in perfect working order and before the end of its life? Environmental factors will add weight to repair requiring safe disposal of your old fridge. In some circumstances Shoreline may provide a  recycling service, with fridges made available to charities.
  • Prompt repair or new fridge delivery. If  the choice is to repair, then a prompt speedy service is imperative.  Shoreline  can talk you through the cost of repair.   Alternatively, we can work in conjunction with your local refrigeration specialist engineer and supply parts. An onsite repair will be quicker and medicine storage will need to be organised whilst your fridge is out of action. If the choice is to renew, Shoreline can deliver your new fridge within 48 hours dependant upon size.

Contact Shoreline Medical Refrigeration for free advice on  repair or replace 01903 733877

Updated 08/12/2016